CitiShoes Ad Redesign

The prompt: To redesign a Yellow Pages ad while incorporating an unexpected visual code.

Scott Santoro, Senior Project I
Fall 2017

Design Process

Original Yellow Pages ad

The brands Church’s and MEPHISTO (after Mephistopheles, a demon) inspired me to incorporate religious imagery as my visual code. The tagline is adapted from Psalm 62:1: “Truly my soul finds rest in God.” Not only was there pun potential between soul and sole, but it would also serve as a metaphor for the store’s high-quality shoes.

1. The first iteration was extremely literal, using the frame of a stained glass window as a container for images of Church’s and MEPHISTO shoes. I directly used the logos for CitiShoes, Church’s, and MEPHISTO and used Minion Pro as my serif typeface.

2. In order to add more religious imagery, I included the angel and Mephistopheles statues. A blackletter typeface was used for the tagline and header to tie into the association of blackletter with medieval and Christian imagery. However, the components in this version all had the same visual weight; there was little variation between fonts, alignment was all over the place, and there was no cohesion. The religious imagery felt jarring, purposeless, and tacky, as it brought nothing to the composition.

3. Realizing I was confining myself to the idea of a traditional Yellow Pages ad, I became looser with the layout. For my text, I adapted Mark 8:36: “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” However, the length of the text was difficult to design around and did not immediately read as a biblical quote. After a few takes on this version that I worked on concurrently to my fourth composition, I decided that the latter was more successful.

4. Using the shorter, snippier verse from Psalm 62, I highlighted the soul → sole pun by overlaying it over the MEPHISTO shoe sole, which was laid over a Church’s shoe into the shape of a cross. I brought back the blackletter typeface from the second iteration and kept the statues to reinforce the religious visual code. Throughout the composition, footprints arranged like dance steps lead the viewer through the piece for additional information on CitiShoes.